How We Help

Together Center creates access to critical assistance through a one-stop human service campus and other innovative strategies. One of the first nonprofit multi-tenant centers in the nation, we were designed first and foremost to lower barriers to finding help. Where East King County residents once needed to travel from Bothell to Renton or beyond to find help at individual locations, people now find comprehensive assistance at one location.

By offering easy access, and many other resources, we help people. We also do a lot more. We help agencies, and we help the community. We do this by bringing services together and working together. Through partnerships, we fill gaps in services, we keep costs low, and we ensure our community has easy access to a full range of services in order to help all succeed.

What We Achieve Through Co-Location

graphic - A Network of Trusted Providers
graphic - Reduced Barriers to Service
graphic - Interagency Collaboration
graphic - Increased Nonprofit Sustainability & Impact

What It Means To Be a TC Nonprofit Partner

graphic - Shared resources and below market rates
graphic - Ease of client access to a trusted network of nonprofit partners
graphic - A community of colleagues, peers and friends
graphic - Sustainability for the future
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