How We Help


One Location, Many Services, For the Greater Eastside

  • full range of health determinant supports; 
  • From medical and dental care, to behavioral health and substance abuse management, to disability services and child care resources, to job training and many others;   
  • In one locationthree blocks from the Redmond Transit Center and five blocks from the future Light Rail station; 
  • Where 20+ nonprofit partners provide critical services to 30,000+ culturally and socioeconomically diverse East King County residents annually.   

Together Center's Model Delivers

To those seeking services:

  • More effective care, support and on-the-spot referrals resulting in a whole-person approach 
  • Lowered access and transportation burdens (both time and money) thanks to co-location of multiple services 
  • Alleviated stress and frustration from seeking services within a fractured system 
  • Individuals are both supported and elevated 
  • Access for all ages, abilities, genders, and races 

To nonprofits:

  • Rent savings of $250K-$300K per year, which is reinvested direct back into their missions 
  • Interagency collaboration and support which leads to better, deeper, more holistic referrals 
  • Enhanced collaboration and camaraderie  reducing employee burnout within a high-turnover industry 
  • Operational stability and assurance they can continue providing critical services in the region via protection from skyrocketing commercial rents. 
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