VISION Together Center envisions a healthy, housed and thriving community where people easily access a range of compassionate supports in one location. MISSION Together Center makes lives better by helping people find the assistance they need. We do this by co-locating a large array of programs and affordable housing on one campus and connecting people to these and other resources. We build a collaborative and knowledgeable association of service providers working together to empower people and our communities.

A unique, sustainable social services hub model, offering below-market lease rates to all partner agencies, so that they can put every dollar possible into direct services and programs. A one-stop Eastside community hub that serves over 30,000 people annually. An innovative nonprofit organization that increases access to human services, fosters partnerships, and enhances collaboration to solve society’s toughest problems. Over 20 onsite independent health and human services agencies offer hundreds of programs from Together Center’s campus including counseling, child care resources, cultural navigation, mental health programs, substance abuse services, resources and advocacy for people living with disabilities, immigration resources, medical clinic and dental clinic.

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