Our Vision: Humanizing the people experiencing homelessness Our Mission: Making it easier to help the homeless


Humanize Homelessness is an all-volunteer tax-exempt organization in Bellevue, Washington - dedicated to the principle that helping those less fortunate in our community leads to a kinder, more supportive and more successful society for all of us.
We have 3 programs:
Know Your Neighbor: This program provides a safe environment for Humanize Homelessness volunteers to interact with people experiencing homelessness and publish photo stories on social networks.
Be Our Champion: Humanize Homelessness awards a ‘Badge of Honor’ to participating businesses and contributing individuals in recognition of their action in connecting with and serving their communities.
Back on your Feet: People experiencing homelessness are shown the path to employment through resume building, coaching, mentoring, and networking with local employers.

Humanize is onsite every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30am in our Advocate Office

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