The facility use agreement (contract) will include policies and procedures that you agree to follow. An email reminder with the policies and procedures will be emailed to you as part of your reservation confirmation. Failure to follow our policies may result in the cancellation or denial of future reservations.

Facility Use Policies

Conference room use will be approved in consideration of Together Center tenants and other commitments by Together Center.  Conference rooms and common spaces shall be used for purposes directly related use as outlined in the signed facility use agreement, and shall not be assigned, sublet or resold to commercial firms or other not-for-profit organizations for other private events.

Additional conference rooms will be charged at the prevailing room rates, as reflected on the capacity and room fees schedule.

Building & Event Space Access

The Together Center office and lobby opens at 9:00am and closes at 5:00pm Monday through Friday (7:00pm on Wednesdays). Together Center is closed on Saturday and Sunday.  Event Organizers, their staff and/or volunteers may need to assist attendees with access into the Together Center during the event if it takes place outside of Together Center’s business hours. Events must end/guests exit by 9:00pm.

In some cases, with prior notification and approval by Together Center, some meetings and events may take place outside of business hours and without Together Center staffing onsite.  For unstaffed events, Together Center will require the Event Organizer (Client) and/or day-of onsite organizer to participate in a building orientation to review emergency procedures, facility policy, and opening and lock-up procedures.  A thorough checklist of all building opening and closing steps will be provided and reviewed with Together Center staff.

Together Center shall have available to it at all times total and complete access to all portions of the Together Center including, but not limited to, the spaces reserved by the Event Organizer.

Event Management & Parking Plan (50+ attendees)

For events with more than 50 attendees, and for events that occur outside of Together Center business hours, we require Event Organizers to work with Together Center to develop an event management and parking plan.  Please work with your Together Center event coordinator to discuss the best options for parking and building access for your event guests.

Common Areas

Elevators, stairs, all facility entrances, lobbies, entrance and exits, kitchen are considered common areas and generally not under Event Organizer control. All activities utilizing common areas are subject to prior written approval of Together Center and must take into consideration the requirements of all tenants and other Clients using Together Center. Detailed requests and/or floor plans with specifications of the use of common areas are to be submitted to Together Center and obtain prior written approval to use.

Community Kitchen Catering Guidelines

  1. Together Center Community Kitchen is not a licensed commercial kitchen and does not meet building codes for all types of commercial use and cooking.
  2. No Roasting, Pan Frying or Deep Frying Allowed
  3. Hood Vent Must Be Turned On Whenever Cooktop is in Use
  4. Do Not Leave Dishes in Sink
  5. All pots and pans should be washed, dried and put away
  6. Wipe down all surfaces (floors, counters, cabinets, cooktop)
  7. Clean All Food Debris Out of Sink
  8. Food waste and leftover food should be taken offsite by the caterer or event organizer
  9. Do Not Eat Other People’s Food in Refrigerator Without Permission. Do not remove/throw away food in fridge without permission.

Leave it Better Than You Found It

Billing & Payment Terms

Together Center requests a reservation security deposit of 50% of the total rental fee be paid at the time of signing the facility use agreement.  The first invoice will be provided with the facility use agreement.  The remaining balance is due on or before the day of the meeting or event.  Payment in full is required by the date indicated on your invoice. If the reservation is made within 5 business days of the event, Together Center will waive the deposit and require full payment up front. Payments can be made via credit card or check.  Credit card fees may apply.

Advertising (Print & Digital)

Event Organizers shall not use Together Center’s name to suggest endorsement or sponsorship of the event without prior written approval of the Together Center’s CEO or his/her designee.  Event publicity shall clearly and accurately identify the name of the sponsoring organization or individual.

Together Center’s name may be used on digital or print marketing materials to notify of the location of the event only after the event has been approved, the Agreement has been signed and the deposit paid.

All advertising for events at which an admission fee is charged must state the total admission price including relevant admission tax. Event Organizers shall not advertise any event unless, and until, a Facility Use Agreement has been fully executed.

Insurance Requirements

Proof of liability insurance may be required for events that pose a higher level of risk to Together Center and/or its facilities.  The insurance requirement will be communicated to the Event Organizer and is at the sole discretion of Together Center.  Together Center will not provide any insurance coverage of any kind for the Event Organizer, Organizers employees, volunteers, or vendors/vendor personnel. Event Organizers and vendors that operate on site must maintain a broad form commercial general liability insurance policy providing combined single limits of not less than $1 million dollars per occurrence.  The insurance company must be located and licensed in the United States.  The Insured Name on the certificate must be identical to the legal entity/organization named on the building use agreement.

In some cases, Together Center may require that the Event Organizer and any vendors that operate onsite name Together Center as an additional insured via an additional insured endorsement, form CG 2026 and provide proof such coverage. The endorsement must be attached to the certificate of insurance.

Please reach out to the Together Center Events Coordinator with any questions about insurance requirements or if you’d like a sample COI and additional insured endorsement form for reference.

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations made more than 7 days will receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations made 72 hours or less prior to event may forfeit their reservation deposit.
  • Event deposits will roll over for cancellations that are rescheduled.


The underground garage at Together Center is shared with our affordable housing partners on campus. The garage gate will remain open during the hours of 7:00am-7:00pm, Monday-Friday, and will be closed from 7:00pm-7:00am. The garage is closed on weekends unless prior approval is obtained to open the garage for special circumstances. An e-key card is required for access when the garage gate is closed.

All parking spaces are labeled as follows:

  • Apartment (A) – these spaces are paid for by apartment residents and are for apartment use only.
  • Reserved (R) – these spaces are for Together Center provider partners’ staff during the day from 8am - 5pm. From 5pm - 8am these spaces are for use by apartment residents.
  • Together Center (TC) – these spaces are primarily for Together Center visitors and client users and can be used for nonprofit staff if Reserved spaces are full.

On street parking is also available near Together Center. Follow posted guidelines related to street parking. Some spaces are limited to two-hour parking Monday through Saturday from 9:00am-9:00pm.

Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Together Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items from your car while parked in onsite garage or on the street.

All-day events are not recommended due to parking limitations in the area.  Guests attending an event at Together Center should be informed about both onsite and offsite parking, public transit, and ride share options.

Alcohol at Events

The sale of alcohol is not permitted at Together Center.  Alcohol service and consumption is only allowed with approval by Together Center and is also subject to Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) regulations.

In order to serve alcohol on the premises, Event Organizers must obtain a banquet permit.  A banquet permit is required to allow the service and consumption of liquor for a private, invitation only banquet or gatherings held in Together Center—events serving alcohol cannot be open to the general public without proper permitting and licensing.

More information is available at

Additional staffing by Together Center security may be required for events that include alcohol service for large groups.  If you are planning alcohol service for your private event, please inquire with the Together Center administration office for further information.

Service Companies & Vendors

Event organizers shall submit to Together Center, in writing, the list of service companies and vendors providing services onsite for the event. Event Organizers shall be responsible for said companies to be properly licensed, bonded and insured prior to entering Together Center.  For any services requiring specialized equipment and training, Event Organizer will ensure the service company has the appropriate training and certification to setup and/or operate such equipment.  Service companies and vendors operating onsite at Together Center may be required to provide a copy of their business license and certificate of insurance to Together Center at least (2) business days prior to entering the Together Center premises.  Failure to submit required documentation in advance will result in the vendor not being permitted to enter the Together Center.

Permits, Licenses & Taxes

Event Organizers shall be required to comply with, and acquire any and all applicable federal, state and/or municipal permits or licenses for doing business within the State of Washington and the municipality of Redmond. The Event Organizer shall pay all taxes of whatever nature becoming due by reason of its use of Together Center facilities, and shall indemnify Together Center against all liability for any such taxes.

Multi-Day Events

Multi-day events (events more than 1-day) will not be permitted at Together Center without prior written approval.

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