The suggested timeline below is recommended for planning a successful meeting or event at Together Center. Not all meetings or events need to follow this timeline.  To ensure that your preferred date is available and reserved, it is advised to start the process as early as possible.  Together Center will not hold dates for more than 5-business days.

Prior to Submitting an Event Request Form (ERF)
30+ days prior to event

  • Review the Together Conference Center website to learn more about what Together Center offers for community and private meetings and events.
  • Check for other events, activities or holidays scheduled around your proposed event date to make sure your date is available.
  • Make sure you have the necessary approvals and an approved budget to host your event at Together Center. Together Center is unable to provide discounts or fee exceptions.
  • Make sure Together Center is the right venue with the capacity to host your event or meeting guests. See the capacity and room fee schedule.
  • Once the above has been reviewed, submit an Event Request Form.
  • If you are not ready to submit your request and require more information, contact us at events@togethercenter.org.

After Submitting an ERF

  • If the meeting or event request meets Together Center’s facility use criteria, and your preferred date is available, Together Center administration will hold the requested date for 5 business days and send a facility use agreement to review, sign and return. Together Center will also provide an invoice with the initial deposit amount due.
  • Submit your signed facility use agreement and deposit amount indicated on the invoice provided as soon as possible to guarantee your reservation.
  • Your reservation is not confirmed until the agreement is signed, the deposit is paid and you receive confirmation of your reservation in writing from Together Center administration.
  • Once your event has been approved by the Together Center, you will begin to plan your event at Together Center with the Operations & Events Coordinator.
  • Schedule your initial planning meeting with the Operations & Events Coordinator.
  • Begin to research, get quotes from and confirm any vendors. Start to recruit volunteers for your event if needed.
  • If working with food vendors or caterers, ensure they have the proper licensing and permits. Together Center also requires that any vendors or caterers that will operate out of/prepare food onsite at Together Center provide proof of liability insurance via a certificate of insurance (COI) and additional insured endorsement. Together Center may require other vendors operating onsite add Together Center as an additional insured via an additional insured endorsement on their policy.  Inquire with you Together Center Event Coordinator for more information and to determine if this will be required for any of your event vendors.
  • If your event includes alcohol service and consumption, consult the Washington State Liquor Control and Cannabis Board to determine the required license or permit.

20-30 days prior to event

  • Schedule and hold any additional pre-event meetings with your Together Center Event Coordinator, volunteers, vendors and other event stakeholders.
  • Finalize your room configuration, furniture needs and floor plan.
  • Finalize vendors, catering, AV, and determine if any additional rentals are needed for your event and engage with vendors for services.

1-Week Prior to Event

  • Receive final invoice from Together Center with the remaining balance; payment is due in full on or before the day of your reservation.
  • Submit any required permits or additional documentation required by Together Center.
  • Event Coordinator & Client check-in and (optional) onsite walk-through.

1-3 days prior to the event

  • Event organizer and designated volunteers may be required to attend a facility orientation to review building emergency exits, access procedures, and cleanup and closing procedures. This will be determined based on the size and complexity of the event.
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