Below is a list of what Event Organizers will need to reserve and host an event at Together Center.

Complete Event Request Form (ERF)
This form will serve as an official request to use the Together Center and where Event Organizers will provide important details about the meeting or event.  Together Center administrative staff will review the request and respond within 2-business days with a decision on whether the date is available and the Client meets Together Center’s event reservations criteria.

Non-Profit Status Verification
There are three ways the Client may be requested to provide proof of nonprofit status:

  1. EIN Number
  2. IRS Nonprofit Status Determination letter
  3. Business license w/ nonprofit status indicated on the license

Facility Use Agreement
Once an event request has been received by the Together Center administration office, Clients will proceed to signing and returning a Facility Use Agreement along with any required deposits or payments.

Pay a Reservation Deposit
Along with Client signed facility use agreement, Together Center may require payment of a refundable reservation deposit to officially reserve Client event date on our calendar.  The deposit is typically 50% of the total rental fee.

Facility Reservation Confirmation
Once the signed agreement and payment are received, Together Center will send written confirmation of your facility reservation and begin to plan your meeting or event with you.

Certificate of Liability Insurance
Per the language in Together Center’s Use Agreement, a Certificate of Liability Insurance may be required to host your event Together Center and coverage must meet specific requirements. Refer to the insurance requirements in the facility use agreement to understand coverage what is required and discuss any requirements with the Together Center Operations & Events Coordinator.

Building Access & Parking Plan (more than 50 attendees)
Together Center business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm (7:00pm on Wednesdays).  Together Center is closed on Saturday and Sunday.  The Client is responsible for assisting with attendees entering and exiting the building outside of these business hours.  Additionally, the Together Center garage operating hours are Monday through Friday 7:00am-7:00pm and there is limited street parking available in the surrounding area.  For events with more than 50 attendees, and events that occur outside of Together Center business hours, we require Clients work with Together Center to develop an event management and parking plan.

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